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Dyson Purifier Humidify+Cool Autoreact logo

Captures dust and allergens.

It cleans 99.9% of the particles in the water and humidifies the air in a hygienic way.

  • Cleans the air by removing 99.95% of ultra-fine particles 2
  • Only new Dyson air cleaners are fully insulated to the HEPA H13 standard 3
  • Effortless comprehensive cleaning program

Pollutants captured by the Dyson purifier humidifier fan and purified air expelled

Powerful air circulation to clean and humidify the air of the whole room 5

Dyson air purifiers pull pollutants such as pollen, dust, allergens and smoke from every corner of the room, and Air Multiplier™ technology delivers purified and humidified air throughout the room. 5

5 Air cleaning scope tested in an 81 m³ room. Humidification coverage tested in a 41 m³ room.
Aerial view of family home with purified air reaching every corner

Dyson humidification air purifiers are tested beyond the industry standard.

We test our humidifying air cleaners in an 81 m³ room with nine sensors that continuously measure air quality. Some other manufacturers use a small 28.5 m³ room with only a sensor and a fan to increase circulation.

Dyson purifier humidifier inside Dyson test chamber with nine sensors
  • Industry standard test room - only 28.5 m3

    CADR test chamber

  • Dyson POLAR test chamber - 81 m³

    Polar test chamber

Automatically detects and reports

Three sensors constantly monitor your weather. Our unique algorithm identifies pollutants at the molecular level and reacts to clean and humidify before displaying live air quality with real-time reports.

Inner workings of machine and three sensors - displayed on LCD screen

Captures contaminants with advanced HEPA filtration

The carbon filter captures gases such as benzene, and the HEPA H13 filter captures 99.95% of contaminants as small as 0.1 micron.2

2 Filtration efficiency tested at 0.1 micron (EN1822, ISO29463).
Advanced filtration system capturing pollutants

Only the latest Dyson air cleaners are fully insulated to the HEPA H13 standard 3

It is not only the fully insulated filter in the HEPA H13 standard, but the entire humidifying air cleaner that prevents pollutants from leaking back into the air3. That is, what goes in stays inside.

3 Dyson's product filtration efficiency in MPPS has reached 99.95% H13 HEPA as defined by EN1822 compared to other air cleaners according to market data [March 2020]. Product filtration efficiency tests were conducted in a chamber specified in ASTM F3150 in IBR US, in Max mode, using DEHS oil particles according to EN1822.
Family room with purifier humidifier projecting airflow

Eliminates potentially harmful particles

Dyson Ultraviolet Cleaning technology exposes every drop of water to powerful λ275nm UV light. This kills 99.9% of particles in the water. Then, the cleaned water is evaporated by the biostatic 3D air pore and the humidified air is projected into the whole room. 5

5 Air cleaning scope tested in an 81 m³ room. Humidification coverage tested in a 41 m³ room.
X-ray image inside water tank

For hygienically humidifying your environment

Central heating and air conditioning units contribute to drying out the air in the home, which can lead to fluid loss. For a more comfortable environment, the Dyson air purifier with humidification automatically maintains the target humidity level in your air with invisible evaporated water.

Family room with purifier humidifier projecting airflow

Effortless comprehensive cleaning program

Dyson's effortless comprehensive cleaning program thoroughly removes scale from your machine's water system. With a single button, the program activates and simply guides you step-by-step through the process.

X-ray image showing movement of Dyson Deep clean cycle

Additional features

  • Diagram of two oscillators

    Jet Axis control

    It puts you in total control of your airflow all year round. Two oscillating mechanisms direct the airflow through the ducts in a 90° range. You can set the air to reflect separately or together.

  • Close up of 3D air mesh

    water vaporizer

    Biostatic silver wires were braided into the 3-dimensional air pore at 6 mm intervals.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Dyson humidifying air purifier automatically detects and captures pollutants and measures the humidity level in the air. Then it projects the cleaned and hygienically humidified air into the whole room 5 , cooling you when you need it.

Yes. For best results, you should use the humidifying air purifier all year round. Your air purifier helps combat dry air from central heating and air conditioning and trap pollutants such as dust, smoke, odors and pet allergens. You can use the humidifying air purifier in night mode, even while you sleep.

We've redesigned our new humidifying air cleaner to be fully sealed to HEPA standard 3 , with an effortless comprehensive cleaning program that removes scale from your machine's water system.

The Dyson Purifier Humidify+Cool Autoreact is designed to purify and humidify a single room, so we recommend using it in a room where you spend most of your time. When positioning the machine, make sure that there is a clearance of at least 1 meter around the machine so that the air can be dispersed effectively. Close doors and windows and place them away from vents.

Yes. The machine can operate as an air cleaner with humidification or as an air cleaner only.

It depends on the hardness of the water where you live. The machine recommends you to run the program once a month in hard water areas. In areas where the water is softer, the frequency of the alert is less.

User guide

Download the user guide for Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool Autoreact.

Replacement filters designed for your machine

We recommend that you replace your HEPA and carbon filter when your machine alerts you - so your machine continues to run efficiently.

Carbon and HEPA filter

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