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Support information for Dyson Purifier Humidify+Cool Autoreact

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Watch our introductory video to quickly get started with your air purifier.

Dyson Purifier Humidify+Cool Autoreact ready to be assembled

User guide

User guide

Download the user guide for Dyson Purifier Hot+Cool Autoreact.

User guide

Using your machine

Using your machine

  • Watch how to use Airflow modes

    Airflow modes

    You can use your remote control to change the airflow mode. You can choose between fan mode, diffuse mode and breeze mode. You can watch the video to learn about the airflow modes.

  • Watch how to use the Auto modes

    Automatic air purification and humidification

    With both automatic modes selected, your machine constantly monitors your air quality, and automatically adjusts the airflow to reach and maintain the most comfortable humidity level.

Useful tips for best performance

  • Watch how to use Night mode

    night mode

    During quiet times or while sleeping, you can activate night mode using your remote. In night mode, your machine uses the quietest settings and dimmed screen.

  • Watch how to use the Sleep timer

    sleep timer

    When the selected time has elapsed, press the sleep timer button on your remote to have your machine turn off automatically. Next, select the time you want your machine to run.

Useful tips for best performance

Understanding the icons on the LCD screen

Understanding the icons on the LCD screen

Icons on your built-in LCD display in real time what pollutants are in the air. Icons also provide information on humidity and filter life, and alert you when you need to run a thorough cleaning program.

  • Indoor Air Quality Index (AQI)

    Indoor Air Quality Index (AQI)

    Shows the air quality for the last 12 seconds or the last 24 hours.

  • Particulate matter PM2.5

    Particulate matter PM2.5

    Smoke shows microscopic particles smaller than 2.5 microns, including bacteria and allergens.

  • Particulate matter PM10

    Particulate matter PM10

    It shows particles smaller than 10 microns, including pollen, dust and pet dander.

  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

    VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)

    Your machine detects gases emitted from a wide variety of sources, such as aerosol sprays and air fresheners.

  • Nitrogen Dioxide (NO₂)

    Nitrogen Dioxide (NO₂)

    Your machine detects oxidizing gases such as NO2, which are produced as a result of combustion. It includes cigarette, candle and vehicle exhaust emissions.

  • Indoor temperature

    indoor air temperature

    Indicates the temperature of the room.

  • Relative humidity info screen

    Relative humidity information display

    Indicates the current humidity level in your room.

  • Humidification dial

    Humidification dial

    Shows the current room humidity in gray and the target humidity level in blue.

  • Humidifying to 50% target

    Humidification up to 50% target

    Indicates that your machine is humidifying to reach the set 50% target.

  • Humidifying to Auto target

    Humidification up to automatic target

    Indicates that your machine is humidifying to reach its automatic target.

  • Humidification target met

    Humidification target met

    Indicates that your hydration goal has been achieved.

  • Maintenance alerts

    Humidification target lower than room humidity

    Indicates that the target humidity is less than the current room humidity.

  • Filter life

    Životnost filtru

    Indicates the remaining life of your filter. That way, you know when you need to change your filter.

  • Evaporator status

    Condition of the water evaporator

    Indicates how soon a thorough cleaning program is required.

  • Refill tank icon

    Refilling the hopper

    Indicates that it is time to refill the water tank.

Understanding contaminant levels

When a pollutant causes your air quality to decrease, the corresponding icon appears on the LCD screen. The colored bar on the left indicates the level of pollutant in the environment and is constantly updated as the machine cleans your air.

  • Moderate level


    If the yellow part of the color bar is marked, your machine has detected a medium level of contaminant.

  • High level


    If the orange part of the color bar is marked, your machine has detected a high level of contaminant.

  • Very high level

    Too bad

    If the red part of the color bar is marked, your machine has detected a very high level of contaminant.

  • Extremely high level

    Very very bad

    If the dark red portion of the color bar is marked, your machine has detected a very high level of contaminant.

  • Severe level

    Seriously bad

    If the purple part of the color bar is marked, your machine has detected serious contaminants.

  • Very low level


    If the green part of the color bar is marked, your machine has detected a very low level of contaminant.

Maintenance of your machine

Maintenance of your machine

Running the comprehensive cleaning program

The monthly comprehensive cleaning program removes scale from your machine's water system. When the time comes, your machine's LCD screen will inform you. You need to use 150g of citric acid. You can proceed by following the steps in our guide videos or user guide.

We recommend using only citric acid when running the extensive cleaning program. It is a safe, natural cleaning agent and widely available.
The lid on the water tank contains power connections. When filling the water tank or running the deep cleaning program, make sure it is completely dry before reinstalling the cap.

Steps of the comprehensive cleaning program

You can run the comprehensive cleaning program in nine simple steps. After pressing the comprehensive cleaning program button on the front of your machine, start by following steps 1 and 2.

  • Step 1
    Remove the filter caps and water tank

    Press the release buttons down to remove the filter caps. The inner cover will spring open. Press the buttons to open the water tank. Slide the water tank out of your machine and open the lid.

  • Step 2
    Remove the water evaporator

    Remove the water evaporator from your machine, place it in the water tank and put the lid back on.

After completing steps 1 and 2, take the water tank to the sink and follow steps 3-9 as shown on your water tank label. follow the steps.

  • Step 3
    Prepare the cleaning solution

    Remove the cover and the water evaporator. Fill the water tank halfway up to the Max level with cold tap water. Add 150g of citric acid and shake gently until all the citric acid is dissolved. Place the water evaporator back in the water tank and fill it with cold water to the Max level.

  • Step 4
    Place and secure the cover

    Be sure to wipe off excess water to avoid droplets.

  • Step 5
    Start the thorough cleaning program

    Put the water tank back in your machine. When the warning appears on the LCD, press the deep cleaning program button. The comprehensive cleaning program will start and the LCD will display a countdown timer.

  • Step 6
    Remove the water tank

    When the LCD screen indicates the thorough cleaning program is complete, push the water tank release buttons down. Slide the water tank out of your machine and carry it to the sink.

  • Step 7
    Rinse the water evaporator and water tank

    Open the lid, remove the water evaporator from the water tank and rinse it under cold tap water. Wipe off excess water. Rinse the water tank under cold tap water. Wipe the inside of the chamber to remove excess solution and residue.

  • Step 8
    Fill the water tank with cold water

    Refill the water tank to the Max level, wipe off the excess water and replace the cap.

  • Step 9
    Replace the water evaporator and water tank

    Push the water evaporator back into your machine, close the inner cover and put the filter caps back on. Put the water tank back in your machine.

Filter change

Filter change

Learn how to monitor and change your filter in our guide video.

How to replace your filter


Frequently Asked Questions

The most comfortable humidity level changes depending on the temperature in the room.3 In automatic mode, your machine automatically adjusts the airflow to reach and maintain the most comfortable humidity level.

Based on 12 hours of use per day, the filter should be changed every 12 months.

With a full water tank, your machine can humidify continuously for up to 36 hours at 1 fan speed.

Yes. The machine can operate as an air cleaner with humidification or as an air cleaner only.

No. There is a sensor inside the machine that detects whether the water has run out. The screen prompts you to refill your water tank when needed.

Your machine is designed to clean and humidify the air in a single room, so we recommend using it in a room where you spend most of your time. When positioning the machine, ensure that there is a clearance of at least 1 meter around the machine so that the air can be dispersed effectively. Place away from radiators, drafts or vents. Keep the air conditioner, doors and windows closed during use.

If you need a quieter environment, set your machine to 1-4 fan speeds or choose night mode. In night mode, your machine uses the quietest settings and dimmed screen.

Increasing the airflow will create a cooling effect with fresh air. Therefore, as the air temperature changes, it may be helpful to change the speed setting of your air cleaner. In summer, use speed settings 4-10 for your personalized cooling needs. In colder periods, activate the diffused mode. In this mode, the air is distributed from the rear of the machine to prevent unwanted coolness.

If your air purifier's LCD screen light bothers you, you can activate Night mode using your remote. A small moon icon indicates your air purifier is on. The main screen turns off after 10 seconds to avoid interrupting your sleep.

When automatic mode is activated, AUTO will appear on your machine's LCD screen. When cleaning the air, AUTO will be white. Once the air in the room has cleared, it will turn green and your cleaner will not run until the pollutant levels rise.

The automatic mode of your humidifying air purifier is designed to manage the air quality in your home without you having to control the machine - so your machine only works when it's needed. If you or anyone in your household has allergies or respiratory diseases, we strongly recommend that you use your machine in automatic mode.

Your air purifier works most efficiently in a closed environment – opening the windows allows more pollutants to enter the air in your home, which means your machine will have to run longer.

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