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Captures dust and allergens. In fact, it destroys formaldehyde.¹

Eliminates 99.95% of ultra-fine particles 2
Cleans and warms the air of the entire room 3
Fully insulated according to HEPA standard – what goes inside stays inside 4

Dyson purifier hot + cool formaldehit

Powerful air circulation to clean the air of the whole room

Only Dyson air cleaners feature Air Multiplier™ technology, which draws in distant pollutants and delivers fresh air throughout the room. 3

Dyson purifier hot+cool formaldehyde, which cleans the air of a large living area

We conduct product testing beyond the industry standard. For real living spaces.

Dyson engineers designed the POLAR test to defy the industry standard. They measured filtration, sensing and air circulation to ensure that the air of the whole room was properly cleaned.

  • Chart showing Dyson vs CADR test comparison

    CADR is not a measure of air cleaning performance in a life-size room.

    Two additional fans increase air circulation. Only one sensor measures air quality.

  • Chart showing Dyson vs CADR test comparison

    Dyson POLAR test goes further, measuring air cleanliness in a life-size 81 m3 room.

    There is no additional fan. Nine different sensors are used to measure equal room air quality.

Znečištění ovzduší není problém jen venku. Je to problém i uvnitř.

Od pylů rostlin, výparů z vaření až po těkavé organické sloučeniny a benzen ve sprejích a svíčkách. Naše domácnosti mohou obsahovat znečišťující látky ve vzduchu. Čističky vzduchu Dyson je automaticky detekují a odstraňují.

A rossz levegőminőség nem csupán kültéri probléma.

Automatically detects and notifies

Four sensors, including a solid-state formaldehyde sensor, interact with our unique algorithm to precisely diagnose, display and react to your air quality.

Built-in detection technology and LCD display showing the detected formaldehyde

Captures and destroys with advanced HEPA filtration

The HEPA+Carbon filter captures gases as small as5 and 0.1 microns.2Our catalytic filter continuously removes formaldehyde.1

Dyson filtering system graphic

Eliminates formaldehyde with billions of catalytic tunnels¹

Dyson's unique catalytic filter continuously captures formaldehyde and converts it into water and CO 2The catalytic filter is self-renewing so it does not need to be replaced.

Katalitik tünelin yakın gösterimli grafiği

The only air cleaner that provides full insulation in HEPA H13 standard

It is not only the fully insulated filter in the HEPA H13 standard, but the entire air cleaner 4 that prevents pollutants from leaking back into the air . That is, what goes in stays inside.

Graphic showing the fully insulated air cleaner

Fast and even air heating

Air Multiplier™ technology distributes cleaned and heated air throughout the room. When the target temperature is reached, the heating stops automatically.

Dyson purifier hot + cool formaldehyde that heats the whole room

Intelligent air purification controlled by mobile app or voice command

Control and monitor air quality from anywhere hands-free with the Dyson Link mobile app6 or compatible audio services 7.

Man controlling Dyson air purifier with Dyson Link app

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aplikaci Dyson Link6

Additional features

  • Image showing strong, cooling airflow

    It cools you down in the summer

    Delivers more than 290 liters of air per second for cooling airflow.

  • Cleaned air exits from the back of the air cleaner

    Diffuse mode. It cleans the air without cooling you down.

    The air flow is directed to the back of the device, effectively cleaning the air.

  • Dyson air purifier in a dark bedroom with someone sleeping peacefully

    night mode

    For light sleepers, it monitors and cleans the air with a dimmed screen and quietest settings.

  • A person changing the filter

    Easy filter maintenance

    The catalytic filter does not require replacement. When HEPA+Carbon filter replacement is required, the Dyson Link mobile app will notify you.

User guide

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User guide

Filter changes

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