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Dyson ambassadors reveal how to style hair at home

Watch Dyson ambassadors Jen Atkin, Matt Collins and Larry King as they reveal their top tips for styling hair at home.

3 June 2020

With restaurants, bars and clubs firmly closed, staying in has become the new going out. But that doesn't mean style should suffer - quite the opposite. With more time on our hands to try out new looks, we asked our Dyson ambassadors to reveal their top tips for styling hair at home.

How to cut your own hair with Jen Atkin

Styling might have successfully seen us through the past few weeks but for many of us, it's come to the point where we need a cut. Fear not, Atkin shows us how to cut hair home in part one and two of her online tutorial.

How to get 'beach couch' waves with Jen Atkin

After styling celebrities like the Kardashian's, Katy Perry and Jennifer Lopez, it's fair to say Jen Atkin knows how to handle hair. Armed with a Dyson Corrale, see how Atkin creates 'beach couch' curls from the comfort of her own home.

How to curl using Corrale with Matt Collins

Los Angeles-based hairstylist Matt Collins has handled celebrity hair for TV, films and the red carpet. Here, he reveals how to curl hair using nothing more than the Dyson Corrale.

How to use the Supersonic’s Gentle Dryer attachment with Larry King

UK hairstylist and Dyson ambassador Larry King lifts the lid on lockdown cut and styles in his online tutorial. To finish up, King reveals how to use the Supersonic’s Gentle Dryer attachment to add volume and texture.