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Questions about orders

Unfortunately, we do not currently have discounts for multiple device purchases.

You can get a new model Dyson product at a discount instead of the old models whose warranty period has expired. Discount rates are updated regularly. You can call our support line at 0850 532 1144 to make sure that your device is in the model group whose support has expired and to get a discount coupon.

You can try our products by visiting Dyson demo spots. You can contact our call center for information about our demo points or you can find it on dyson.com

Orders coming to our system are delivered to our contracted cargo company within 24 hours and given to cargo. The delivery time of the order may vary depending on the location. No deliveries are made on weekends and public holidays.

You need to contact our call center to resend your invoice. Our support staff will fulfill your request.

We offer different installment options for different credit cards. Please visit our website for up-to-date information.

Questions about returns

Unconditional product returns are only valid for products purchased through www.dyson.com.tr. In order for the return process to begin, you must submit your return request to our support line at 0850 532 1144 within 14 days from the date of purchase.

Refunds are made primarily for products purchased from our website. After the refund is made, you can place an order for the new product.

If you have purchased the product from www.dyson.com.tr, you can return it within 14 days and re-order the product you want. There is no unconditional right of return for products used for more than 14 days.

An approved refund request is completed within 2 to 6 business days, depending on the performance of the relevant bank.

Service related questions

In case your product does not work or its performance decreases, you can call our call center and request that the product be collected from you by cargo. Cargo personnel will collect the product from you and deliver it to the Dyson service center, and the product will be repaired and returned to you as soon as possible. If you wish, you can bring the product to the Dyson Service Center. You can reach the Dyson Service Center address from the authorized service points section.

If you organize the delivery of defective products through our call center, you do not have to pay any shipping charges.

Information about all our authorized services is available in the support section of our website. Operations performed in unauthorized service centers and the use of non-original parts can cause serious problems in the products. For service support, please contact us at 0850 532 1144.

Unfortunately, we do not currently have an extended warranty.

Warranty validity conditions are specified in the relevant section of the product's user manual and warranty certificate. Unfortunately, free repair service is not provided for use contrary to these conditions.

Dyson provides a 5-year warranty on corded vacuums. The warranty period for products excluding corded vacuums is 2 years.

Dyson will provide any service to the products throughout the product lifecycle.

It is recommended to use devices from countries with different electrical systems with a licensed voltage converter (not an adapter).

You can register your device at https://template.staging.dyson.com/support/register or by using our support line at 0850 532 1144.

You can purchase accessories and spare parts for your product at https://template.staging.dyson.com/support/spare-parts-accessory. You can contact our call center for further support.

If the accessory or part is compatible with the model of your product, you can use the part. For more information, you can contact our call center.

You are under no obligation to return the old part to us, as the broken parts are in the paid repair status.

You can call our call center to inquire about the repair status of your product.

As Dyson, we organize the collection of products from the customer's location with the courier company. In case of a problem with the purchase, you can get support by contacting our call center.

As Dyson, we recommend that the product not be left on the charger when it is not used for a long time.

There is a user guide booklet in the product boxes. In case the booklet is lost, we can get support from our call center representative and have it sent to you by e-mail.

Questions About Air Purifiers

Your air cleaner is designed to clean the air of a single room. That's why we recommend using your air purifier in a room where you spend most of your time. When positioning the machine, ensure that there is a clearance of at least 1 meter around the machine so that air can circulate effectively.

Your air cleaner's Auto mode is designed to manage the air quality in your home without you having to control the machine - so your machine will only run when it's needed. If you or anyone in your household has allergies or respiratory diseases, we strongly recommend that you use your machine in Auto mode.

If the LCD screen light of your heater air purifier bothers you, you can activate Night mode using your remote or the Dyson Link mobile app. A small moon icon indicates your air purifier is on. The main screen turns off after 10 seconds to avoid interrupting your sleep.

Based on 12 hours of use per day, the HEPA+Carbon filter should be replaced every 12 months. The catalytic filter is permanent, it does not need to be replaced.